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Helping children feel good about what they achieve! By encouraging students to become independent learners. Children that reach their expected levels and above tend to have family and friends who take an interest in their school life. It is important to be involved in your child’s education and to promote a healthy and mutual relationship between school and home. If your child is supported at home, they will learn more effectively at school. HNL Tutors is here to support your child’s educational needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you teach ?

From age 5 to 19 years old.

Do you just tutor students who need additional help?

HNL Tutors isn’t just for students who aren’t performing well in maths and English; we also work with high achievers. Whatever level your child is at, our individualised approach to learning needs will bring out their true potential.

Is the online tutoring technology hard to use?

Children are often familiar with online platforms and might, especially after COVID-19, have used something similar at school. Our tutors have lots of experience teaching online and will spend time familiarising your child with the relevant software. It might take them a couple of lessons to get completely used to it, but they usually become experts very quickly!

How many students do you admit each year?

We teach in small groups. The maximum is 4.

Do students maintain their focus online?

Concerns about distractions are often unfounded as the student and tutor face each other directly on the screen (as opposed to sitting side by side) which, if anything, tends to keep the student even more focused. Most online whiteboards also have editing privileges which the tutor can control and ensure students are paying attention to the right areas at the right time. Introducing a variety of mini tasks is easy to do and keeps children engaged throughout the lesson. Many students say that they find online lessons more engaging given the range of resources at the tutor’s disposal.

Is my child too young for online tutoring?

We always take great care to ensure that the tutor we place is experienced with your child’s age group and we do have several online tutors that are very experienced with younger children – one of our experienced 7 tutor works solely online. Young children often find the technology straightforward and equipping them with computer skills will put them in a strong position when these are required at school. We have tutored children as young as 6 online, but at this age they will need a little more support from an adult in the room with them whilst lessons take place.


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