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Encouraging kindness and empathy in children

Key strategies we use to instil kindness and empathy in children

Child psychologists state that empathy and kindness are important to a child’s development. Like many qualities, kindness is a trait that children learn through practice. HNL Tutors proactively teach kindness. For example, allowing children to interact with other students freely during lessons. By doing so, we allow students to feel comfortable around other students and the tutor.  

Our core belief about kindness and empathy

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There are many things HNL Tutors does to encourage students to interact positively with each other during lessons. For example, we have positive starter activities that are based on getting to know you and interacting with other students – both verbally and socially.

Discounted lessons

We also believe that we cannot teach Kindness and Empathy in Children without practicing it. We believe that help and support in education should be available to all, no matter what their circumstances. Hence, if you would like to use the service but your budget is tight, please contact us and we will do all we can to assist you.

Modeling Positive Action

Children learn most from what is said and done. HNL tutors allow children to experience acts of kindness as they learn. Our tutors use kind words such as ‘Please’, ‘I am sorry’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Goodbye’ and so on. Eventually children learn to use these kind words. Our tutors not only teach in theory, but also act kindly. 

Listening to children

Children express their feelings differently. Our tutors listen to them and respond appropriately.   As teachers, we listen to concerns and demonstrate understanding and empathy, as we do with our own children or family. We care and listen to them and make them feel comfortable.

Treating Children with Respect

HNL tutors provide an environment where children feel respected.  We also offer games for children to play. It is an act of kindness to allow a child to play. This makes them understand that a little play is good. Also, we address them with respect just as we would treat adults.

Rewarding Kindness and Empathy in Children

When we notice something nice, we acknowledge the act. For example, we acknowledge them when they join lessons on time. We also acknowledge 100% attendance. By doing this we allow children to recognize good acts in their real life.


Shaping a young person’s perception of learning is the key to success. Education is the best investment for the young people. Those who are well educated tend to have higher incomes, more opportunities in their lives, and tend to be healthier.

HNL Tutors believe in this proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Therefore, we love to take part in providing a better environment for children / young people to grow intellectually and socially. We also want to create a comfortable, relaxed learning environment where every student learns to the best of their ability.

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