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happy man sitting with laptop and juice in park

Fun tips that have helped HNL students get an A to A** in their GCSE maths exam.

Are you ready get an A ( 7, 8 or 9 A to A**) in their GCSE maths exam and show everyone what you’re made of? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got some killer tips and strategies that will make studying for maths a lot more fun and a little bit funny. These are the same strategies that have helped HNL students in the past.

Have a plan:

We know, it sounds boring, but having a plan can actually be pretty cool. Set yourself some goals and rewards, like treating yourself to your favourite snack after every revision session. Trust us, it works!

Do as many past papers as you can: Yes, we know, past papers are the bane of every teenager’s existence, but hear us out. Doing past papers is like playing a game, and the more you play, the better you get. Plus, you’ll feel like a boss when you see how much you’ve improved.

happy man sitting with laptop and juice in park

Fun tips that have helped HNL students get an A to A** in their GCSE maths exam.

Work on your timings: Ok, this one is a bit serious, but it’s also kind of funny. Each question mark is how long you should spend on a question. It’s like a race against time. Can you beat the clock and finish the question before the timer runs out? Challenge accepted!

If you don’t understand a question, turn down the page: We all have those moments when we look at a question and think, “What on earth is this?” Don’t panic, just turn down the page and come back to it later. It’s like putting a pin in the problem and saying, “I’ll deal with you later, buddy.”

Don’t start from the front of the paper: Who says you have to start at the beginning? Start in the middle or back and work your way forward. It’s like doing a maths puzzle, and who doesn’t love puzzles?

Get help if you need it: We get it, asking for help can be scary, but it’s also kind of cool. It shows that you’re not afraid to admit that you don’t know everything, and that’s a sign of strength, not weakness.

Active revision: This one is all about getting your body involved. Stand up, move around, and act out the problems. It’s like doing maths aerobics, and it’s way more fun than sitting at a desk all day.

Use online resources: We live in the age of the internet, so why not take advantage of it? There are tons of cool maths games, videos, and apps out there that can make learning maths fun and exciting.

Attend revision classes: Ok, we know this one sounds boring, but hear us out. Revision classes are like group study sessions, and who doesn’t love hanging out with friends and studying together? Plus, you might make some new friends who are also into maths (yes, they do exist!).

Break down problems: Maths can be pretty intimidating, but it’s really just a bunch of little problems that add up to a big one. Break down the problems into smaller, more manageable steps, and it won’t seem so scary anymore.

Stay calm: On the day of the exam, take a deep breath, and remember that you’ve got this. You’ve put in the work, and you’re ready to crush it.

Practice mental maths: This one is all about flexing your mental muscles. Practise doing mental maths every day, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve. It’s like doing push-ups for your brain!

Finally, getting an A in GCSE maths is totally doable, and with these fun and slightly funny tips and strategies that have helped HNL students in the past, you’ll be well on your way to acing your exam. So, grab your favourite snack, turn up the music, and let’s do this thing!

Good luck!

Cal – cu- later! That is how we say bye in maths…get it…


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