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How to achieve top marks in English today

Learning GCSE English online the easy way.

English GCSE, ironically enough, is a subject some students have a difficult time with at school. But why is a language we speak such a complex subject? English isn’t a very intuitive language; from the non-phonetic way we spell words, to how we pronounce some combination of letters. Learning English as a subject is far more complicated than learning it as a second language, as the latter concentrates on:

  • Interpreting text
  • Analysing language and structure
  • Summarizing text
  • Reading to a high level
  • Correct vocabulary and grammar

As native English speakers, children already know how to understand the language but learning the above can prove extremely tricky.

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Learning English as a subject vs as a language with online learning

English as a subject requires the student to study it as an observer more scientifically. They need to know the laws of how sentences and paragraphs should be structured. Native English speakers pursue learning English as a subject to master the language, giving us a deeper understanding.

The cons of learning English as a subject are rooted in how it’s mainly about being correct. This makes students prioritize a passing grade rather than understanding it at a higher level. Which entirely negates the purpose of learning English as a Subject.

Learning English GCSE as a language is a challenging endeavour, depending on the learner’s first language. However, the flow of learning is far more natural compared to learning it as a subject. This ease of understanding is due to how learning a language requires interactivity.

Language is a living thing; we interact and use it daily. Furthermore, while learning English as a language is far more natural, it prioritizes understanding and being understood. It lacks the finer details that learning it as a subject pursues.

Learning English as a subject interactively – online

Studies have shown that learning English as a subject is inefficient. This is because it is somewhat removed from the language itself. Interactively learning English allows students to connect with the language, have fun and retain what they have learned.

HNL Tutors utilizes a combination of conventional teaching and interactive learning. We use visuals, videos, puzzles, games and other interactive elements to make learning fun, engaging and enjoyable.

The saying “practice makes perfect” is true, which is why we encourage students to practice the more profound rules of the English language. We do this via activities rather than just memorizing their textbook and giving out tests. Learning English as a language allows the learner to integrate English as a part of their lives. It allows it to grow as a part of them. Furthermore, through games and other activities, interactive learning will enable students to emulate this by utilizing proper grammatical rules and syntax in a task they enjoy.

In summary

Native English speakers often find English a complex subject because it is already a part of their daily lives. They understand each other reasonably well without applying the more complex rules of good English writing and composition.

Learning rules after learning the language itself is understandably tricky. It is a case of unlearning what could be considered bad habits. Furthermore, English as a subject creates a divide between daily and academic use of the language.

We must acknowledge that English it is a language and language is alive. Therefore, we must interact with it as such.

Finally, HNL Tutors’ teaching approach aims to improve student grades and levels. We allow children to develop an understanding of the subject. This gives our students the independence to become lifelong learners and wonderful writers!

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