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Making birthdays special

Your child’s birthday is special to us

Why birthdays are important for kids

  • Make memories
  • Encourage friendships
  • Understand the passage of time
  • Teach children to celebrate others
  • Socialization
  • Show off unique interests
  • Celebrate parenting milestones
Make birthdays special

Birthdays are special days for children and even adults. A simple present in the post can bring joy to all of us. For this reason, HNL tutors sends a gift in the post to students on their birthday.  Each student we teach is special and we want to make them feel special and appreciated.  Also, see our birthday checklist at the bottom of this page.

Why birthdays are important for children and teenagers – to boost their self-esteem

It is important that students are thoughtful and caring towards each other.  We are mirroring what a child should be thinking. It is not just about sending a gift, but also about remembering someone, not just thinking about yourself. A gift, a simple note, or a text mean so much especially in this detached world we are now living in.

To create special memories

Little acts of kindness and care go a long way. HNL tutors celebrates birthdays to create lasting memories. We want young people to remember the experience for many years to come. Do you remember your childhood birthday experiences?  If you answered yes, then we need to make your child remember their birthday too.

The recognition of birthdays are vital for emotional and social development

 We cannot allow their birthdays to pass without a gift, note or a simple message. We care and remember our students even on the days we are not teaching them.

It’s a way of teaching them to be kind

Children practice what they see and learn. By sending a gift, a note or message to them, HNL Tutors reminds them that it is good to celebrate others.

HNL Tutors also understands that planning for a birthday can be overwhelming. Throwing a birthday party is not a walk in the park.

Finally, do you need a checklist for a birthday celebration/party?

HNL Tutors has designed a simple kid’s birthday check. This will help you have an easy time planning your child’s birthday party easily. Also, it will help you avoid unnecessary spending. The birthday checklist is available for parents to download for free.

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